I am a professional singer in St Pauls Cathedral choir and with the internationally renowned vocal ensemble The Sixteen and have sung with both choirs for over 30 years.

I was first treated by a chiropractor ten years ago and since then I have visited the Islington Clinic regularly about once a month either for chiropractic treatment or for a body massage.

Over the past 10 years the practitioners and administrative staff have all provided an excellent friendly and helpful service, which has meant that I have not had to visit my local GP for such ailments as back problems or other stress related symptoms.

My profession often involves performing live on radio and television as well as at public concerts which can be very stressful, but regular chiropractic treatments and massages have certainly helped to prolong and enhance my career.

My wife first used the Clinic when she developed back pains after the birth of our second child, and both our sons have also been treated there as they play rugby and cricket, both of which place great strains on developing teenage bodies. Regular treatments have helped to prevent the build up of long term posture and spinal problems.

Christopher Royall

Initially, I visited the Islington Chiropractic Clinic to have treatment for lower back pain which I suffered with during pregnancy. Since then, my children have also received treatment for various problems. I can highly recommend the clinic as the reception staff are always polite, friendly and helpful. Also the Chiropractors have consistently provided us with a high level of care.

Most recently I had to visit the Clinic with my 7 year-old daughter who had hurt her neck on a trampoline. On arriving at the clinic, my daughter could not move her neck and was in lot of pain. There was a dramatic improvement after the treatment, the pain had eased considerably and mobility in her neck had returned. It was huge relief that her discomfort was eased so effectively by the treatment.

A Burn

In the time I've been coming to the Islington Chiropractic Clinic I've come to look forward to my visits not only because of the welcome and the always friendly atmosphere, but also because I know I'm in the best hands possible to treat my condition. It might be going a bit far to say that James, Brenda and the team put the pleasure back into back pain, but they certainly do their level best.



I firstly visited Islington Chiropractic Clinic 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with a slipped disk . It seemed that my condition was caused by to hard a work out in the gym . On the first visit James took the time to explain to me what had happened that had caused the problem and thoroughly checked me all over and then started me on a program of care which left me feeling the best I have felt for years .  About 3 months ago I hurt my back again and was in agony . I couldn't even walk the dog so off I went to see James with the hope he may be able to help. I was only with him for a short  while but some how he managed to straighten me out  and I was back on my feet walking properly within minuets . The relief was fantastic!

R Phillips


Having not run for years I decided to take running up again to help get fit. It was great getting back into shape. A friend convinced me to train with her to run a half marathon. Not long after starting the training I noticed that my shins were becoming very achy and I was starting to get some knee pain I thought I might have to give up running as the pain was not getting any better if anything it was getting worse. After seeing the podiatrist it became apparent that my foot positioning was causing the pain in my legs. I was fitted with an insole to help support and correct my alignment. The difference in my running was immediately felt. Not only was I able to train again I was able to run pain free. Most importantly I have managed to continue to run pain free.



I have suffered from hard skin for years I thought it was normal to get hard skin on the souls of your feet as you get older. I used to see a chiropodist to have the hard skin taken down every 4 weeks as it would become painful. However, it wasn't until I came to the Islington chiropractic clinic to see the chiropodist/podiatrist that I realized that it wasn't just hard skin it was a family of verrucaes. Since the diagnoses I have had a series of treatments which has got rid of the verrucae and I now no longer get hard skin in those areas and my feet feel much better.

Rania Raza


I am 34 and have never experienced foot pain. However, a few months ago I was waking up with a very painful foot I ignored it at first thinking it would disappear but after 6 weeks I consulted my GP who recommended I take painkillers but after two weeks of this my foot was no better and I didn't want to keep taking painkillers. This is when I discovered the clinic. It was diagnosed as planar fasciitis and I was put on a treatment plan of orthotics/insoles, cold therapy and stretching I could feel the difference in my feet almost immediately.

J. Danbrook




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